Classes +

We currently offer a variety of tutorials and workshops for your edification and enjoyment. In addition to the Ocademy's fanciful online courses, here are a few of the classes we plan to host onsite:

  • Acting - audition opportunities and instruction
  • Author's Journey - novel-writing program to take you from inspiration to publication
  • Crafternoon teas - create a wearable keepsake as you enjoy a cuppa, learn calligraphy, flower arranging, millinery, fruit carving, confection decorating
  • Fantasy Fitness - immerse yourself in the persona of your dreams to bellydance like a genie, hula like an island girl, and more in a shaded outdoor space
  • Language - Ancient Naturim as well as sign language classes
  • Manners a la Mode - everyday etiquette for the modern age, party planning, holiday hostessing
  • Music lessons with everything from piano to violin to harp to classical guitar with Sharan Sacks
  • Novel Ninjas - writing program for young wordsmiths
  • Scraps - scrapbooking and card-making using bits & pieces you already have
  • SeasonaliTeas - blend your own brew with ingredients that represent the best of the seasons
  • Talent Shows - show off what you've learned at our quarterly shows
  • Tao Cheng & Langrada - Tao Cheng is a combination of Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Langrada is a combination of Yoga & Pilates; both are practiced in a shaded outdoor environment
  • Tea Biz Boot Camp - Learn the ins and outs of starting a tearoom of your very own
  • Voice lessons - American Idols, watch out!