Classical Guitar - an artform that never goes out of style

Few things in life are as soothing and intoxicating as the sound of classical guitar. Under the instruction of enthusiastic Sharan Sacks, students will learn how to make beautiful music of their own: 

Sharan Sacks


Based in Lake Forest (south Orange County)

"I teach beginning acoustic guitar and beginning to intermediate classical guitar to all ages - kids - teens - and I love teaching adults!  Lessons include song accompaniment and reading music."

We're taking our weekly write-ins online for Spring

Never is creativity more needed than during times of great challenge. We're moving our usual in-person Meetup online for Spring, if anyone would care to join us in writing, editing, polishing, and publishing their work.

Drop by our Facebook event page any time for support and chitchat during the timeslots listed.

For those contributing to our next anthology, PORTALS IN PROSE & VERSE, the deadlines will be delayed "a coupla months" to enable those who are understandably sidetracked to get their work in on time, and to allow those who find themselves with unexpected free time the opportunity to contribute and be published.

For those working on bigger projects, our teeny tiny publishing arm (E. Gads Hill Press) will be publishing folks for free. (Contact us for details)